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Directions to awesome dress.

Though only 5 or so people read my blog I know there are those out there that are girls. So a blog that I follow ( is doing a giveaway and I want those that are interested in Moddest is Hottest dresses and would possibly enter a giveaway a chance to win. I'm actually thinking about my readers.

So go to their blog and check out their giveaway.

Pretty simple rules, easy to enter, and its an amazingly Moddest is Hottest dress. I mean this thing is BEAUTIFUL and MODDEST! So why not take a look at it.

Again if you missed it check out and see if you possibly want to win a dress from Shabby Apple. They also have a code that will get you 10% off of a Shabby Apple item if you just want a Shabby Apple item.

I would also suggest, if you have a blogger acount, to follow them. They are freaking hilarious and write amazing stories that are all true. (I think).

One more time it's I highly suggest, if you don't enter, to follow them.

Peace out Girl-Scout!

Love you!

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