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Well its been who knows how long since I have written on this here blog that is on the inter webs. Yup.

What has happened in the last lil while.

I stopped playing WoW and started playing LoL then stopped playing that too and now I'm saving up for Halo: Reach and xbox live.

I have had a lot of high school adventures, and that's how high school should be. All A's with 2 A-'s. Pretty good if I do say so myself!

I turn 16 in less than 3 months =D. I wish it was earlier but I can't controle that, but it will be worth the wait. I'm excited. I'ma date, drive, get a job, and drive, and date. All while being totally awesome like I always am. Epic stuff right there!

Well school so far has been freakin amazing! Drivers Ed means a license is in the near future! English is...lame...but it always has been! Vid. Pro. (video productions) is way fun! Between working we listen to music and get on Facebook! Seminary is always awesome and is a great class with great people in it. Fit for life...harder than I thought, BUT it is SOOO easy to do nothing and not work. World Civ. is the same ol'. Algebra 2 honors is kinda like English...lame. And last is Biology where I am ahead in that class so I don't have to do much until everyone else gets caught up and we move on.

Just been chillin with my friends at school. Nothing huge but it hasn't been boring.

Well I will probably write less and less on this here blog as time goes on to the point I forget I have a blog.

We'll see what happens.

Peace Out Girl-Scout!

Love You!

You've Been Quoted! High School Edition!

Well here comes another =D

"If John is on the role that's what I'm goin by" Patrick
"Well I'm calling you Patrick" Me
"Ya I have 3 classes that call me John and the rest call me Patrick" Patrick
"That's going to get SO confusing! What happens when you get mixed up?" Me
"....Oh guys gotta help me remember my name is John" Patrick

"Crap I forgot that ones name" Kenna
"That one is Tyler, my best friend" Me
"Don't let him notice I forgot his name!" Kenna

"I learned another persons name" Kenna
"Oh who's?" Me
" sec *walks away then comes back*...Ya Taylor" Kenna

"Are you Randy Jackson Dog?" Rylie (guy)
"What?" Kevyn (girl)
"You keep saying dog like your Randy Jackson" Rylie

"He needs better abs (talking about Justin Beiber)" Kevyn
"He can't have abs...he is fat" Rylie

"I wonder what will happen to him once he goes through puberty" Me
"He has been through puberty" Maycee
"NO he is GOING through puberty" Rylie

"Hey wallaby" Tyler
"Wud up Wombat" Me
"I have so many names" Caden
"Ya Wallaby" Tyler
"Its Wombat" Me
"You're the only one who calls me Wallaby" Caden
"Is it wallaby?" Tyler
"No is wombat" Me
"No I'm pretty sure its wallaby" Tyler
"Dude wombat" Me
"ok...maybe Walumbat" Tyler
"Oh ya...Boise Wombats"

"AAAAAHHHHH" Amy and Court
"Wooo lets all scream like girls!" James

"Ew man. Why are we talking about Butt germs. This lady is GROSS! I don't wanna talk about no Butt germs. Many she is CRAZY! She is starting a conversation about Butt juices now. OH better pull your pants up cause we gunna exchange Butt germs...Do I talk to much?" Elijah
"Not at all" Me
"MAN NOW SHE IS TALKIN ABOUT EATING CRICKETS! What does this lady do to her students? We gunna eat squid?! Ah man that's just gross. Whats next 'Here kids have a scorpion on a stick'? I ain't eatin nuttin...Do I talk to much?" Elijah
"Not really" Brooke
"SHE KEPT A PUPPY IN THAT FREEZER!?!?! MAN THAT IS GROSS! She all havin dead bodies in her freezer. This lady is a FREAK! DEAD CAT? DID SHE JUST SAY DEAD CAT? Ah man I wouldn't be surprised if she had a human in there! She puttin Popsicles by a dead puppy? Why the heck would you freeze a puppy? Did she just say POISON? She is puttin poison by kids lunches? I talk to much?" Elijah
"Nope" Morgan
(We were in Science during the first B day and the teacher was telling stories)

"Ok so tell us your name and something fun you did this summer" Bro. Slaughter
"Oh...Hi I'm Trevor...and I'm not a drunk" Trevor

"Any Piano players in here?" Bro. Slaughter
"I can play by ear...but I can't do Hymns" Trevor
"He has 2 ears so he should be pretty good at it" Jordan

"You two look alike" Tyler D.
"They are sisters" Me
"YOU ARE?!" Tyler D.
"Ya they are" Me
"I don't believe that" Tyler D.
"No we are cousins" Shea
"Ya" Kenna
"No" Tyler D.
"Tyler we say this not because you are gullible, but because its the truth" Me

"You're Dead!" Caden
"Please tell me your lying" Amy
"Nope" Caden
"HAHA you died by a CHEETO" Me

"I will give ANYONE $10 if you lick Tyler's nipple!" Me

"Hey you aren't complaining" Morgan
"What?" Me
"Usually you are complaining about something" Morgan
"Well I was" Me
"You were but now you stopped" Morgan
"Ok we are going to go to the computer lab and take a test" Mrs. Jensen
"I'm going to start complaining again" Me

"Ok Jake grab the Teddy Bear" Me

"LOL lol" Jake

"Dude that better not be rated R" Me

"Do you think I could be an Underwear Model?" Me

"You have to tell me who!" Erica
"K...Lets just say Ashlyn" Me
"Say me what?" Ashlyn
"What?" Me
"You can't say something and never finish it!" Ashlyn
"I said nothing" Me *walks away*

"I am playing with you hair now" Me


"Kelsa Marica!" Jessica

"Debetable...wait...wooo...I spelled that WAY wrong" Me

"See when I talk to you you look at me, make that face, raise an eyebrow and look away like I don't notice" Dad

"I'll be back" Me
"Going to check?" Jake
"Yup" Me
"I'll be back too" Jake

"Thanks for leaving me out here alone" Lyssa
"If it helps I was thinking about you the whole time" Me

"Can you get me a drink?" Lyssa
"3 Ice cubes" Me

"What are you talking about" Dad
"We are planning a 31 hour party" Me
"Ok what are you REALLY talking about" Dad
"We are REALLY planning a 31 hour party" Me
"You are NOT having a 31 hour party" Dad

"I don't like girls (Indicates small area)...I like GIRLS (indicates large area)"

Well those are some of the things that have been said.

Peace Out Girl-Scout!

Love You!

High School Day 1!

Oh EM goodness!

High School is soooooo much better than Fairfield! HOLY COW!

So day one went down like this!

I get picked up by my cousins pretty early so I got to school pretty early. No biggy. Well as time rolls on and school is about to start Amy is no where to be seen and Courtney was FREAKING out! Well I said Amy wasn't going to show up and with maybe 2 minutes left she finally does. And we went to class.

First period I have Drivers Ed! I like driving. Nick Chase and Carlee Snow are in that class along with Anthony, Bailee, and others. So that's pretty cool. I also realized I will be pretty near the front of the list to get my licence so that's good. Looks like it's gunna be a good class.

Second I have English, and I HATE English. I think its the WORST subject to ever come onto this planet and if I could rid the world of the subject I would! Nothing against the teacher or the students in the class but English sucks.

Third is probably going to be the best class EVER! VIDEO PRODUCTIONS BABY!!! Oh EM goodness! That class is ALREADY EPIC!!! The whole thing is just makin movies! WOOT WOOT!

Lunch was chill. Walked around with Kenna, Tyler, and Shea my sista that I go rock climbing with! I LOVE how you can go ANYWHERE during lunch!

Fourth I have Seminary. Today we had everyone who has it 4th period gather and just introduce the teachers and what we are doing this year (D&C) so it was ok. Seminary will either be WAY cool or WAY not cool! There are a LOT of cool people who have it the same period, also a LOT I don't know, and some that I REALLY don't want in my class. Also there are a couple of different classes that we can be divided into so I REALLY hope I have am with all the people I want to be with.

Now the only down side is that throughout a lot of the school you are shoulder to shoulder trying to go down the hall so what could be a 30 second walk is like 4 times longer. Also tomorrow is my first B day and I have all of my work subjects that day (minus English which I have A day and I have gym B day and that's not a work subject). So I'll probably end up hating B days, but I might have a lot of cool kids in my class.

Well here starts my High School experiences.

Peace Out Girl-Scout!

Love You!

Day -1 of High School!

Well as of June 5th 2010 I have been a Sophomore. Being officially graduated from Fairfield Jr. High (home of the Fairies) its time to move on to Layton High (home of the Lancers). OOOOO.

Well today is the day before school starts and I have some major issues going into this new year.

Issue 1: I have no drive to do much of anything to get ready for school tomorrow

Issue 2: Up until Dec. 15th (at the earliest) I can't drive. With that being the case I have to mooch rides off of my cousin...and I HATE HATE HATE mooching rides off of people...I would MUCH rather drive myself.

Issue 3: With it being a new school with new everything I don't have a clue what to expect. Going into my 9th grade year at Fairy field I new exactly what to expect. I mean it was my 3rd year at that school, but its my first year at this one...but it can't be THAT different.

Issue 4: Waking up at 6:30 in the morning...which isn't bad compared to some people.

Issue 5: Its school. Enough said.

Well anyway.

So far what I have done to get ready for school...nothing.

I can't tell my feelings about having to go to school tomorrow...the best words to use are "Thats weird". WEIRD! WEEEEEEIRD! Its like that goopy thing you put your hand into by accedent when your doing something...that "EEEEEEEEWWWW" feeling you get.

I can remember how excited I was for Jr. High and how AWESOME it felt when I finished my first day. I can also remember my first B day of 9th grade and how during my last class I figured I wouldn't need anything cause I hadn't needed anything in all my other classes and how mad Cobia got when I didn't have anything.

I think I'm gunna stuff my backpack with a lot of unesesary crap so it looks like I am prepared when all I will REALLY have is a notbook and a pen.

Yup...High School.

Peace Out Girl-Scout!

Love You!

Layton VS Davis

Seeing how most of my readers live in Davis county and either are about to go to Layton High or Davis High I thought why not piss everyone off!

Honestly, the amount of energy and time waisted fighting about which school is better and why the other sucks is stupid! I say whoever the heck is fighting about it is the loser!

Let me quote one of my friends. "Davis is three times the school Layton will ever be". Well considering you haven't gone to school at either...this comment is irrelevant.

Let me quote another one of my friends. "If I couldn't go to Layton I would go to Northridge way before Davis". Again. You haven't gone to school to Layton, Davis, or Northridge yet so again, comment irrelevant.

I will admit I used to join into the Layton Davis feuds over which school was better and now I realize how extremely stupid I was about doing so.

So I am going to shut all you up!

Item number 1 "Layton is just a bunch of druggies!". Well we could say that about Davis too. They do have the highest drug rate out of Davis county, but Layton also has people who do drugs. Ya find what you look for.

Item number 2 "Davis kids are rich and snotty". Hahahaha. I've seen some pretty NOT rich kids that go to Davis. I have also seen some pretty RICH kids that go to Layton. And as for the snotty, both have some D bags that think they are the top of the world and are gunna be D bags to everyone else. Just don't get involved with em.

Item number 3 "Everyone and their Grandma went do Davis". Davis HAS been here for a WHILE and yes a lot of people had their parents, grandparents, and maybe great grandparents go to Davis and now it is there turn. It would be the SAME exact way if Layton has been here for as long, but its a newer school so OBVIOUSLY that wont be the case...for now.

Item number 4 "Davis is SOOO much nicer/Davis gets ALL the money" Davis does have a nice campus, wont deny it, Layton is under construction so we will see how that turns out. So at this moment Layton is spending some money for new stuff.

Item number 5 "Layton has perverted teachers" Well we just got unlucky and had a teacher go all pervy...if he was at Davis at the time it woulda ended pretty much the same.

Item number 6 "Davis is SO much smarter" You do realize its the kid. There are PLENTY of stupid kids that are going to Davis, same with Layton. And Layton has smart students too. A lot of that is pretty much the kid, not the school.

So next time you wanna diss on Layton or Davis save your breath, cause I'm gunna sit there thinkin your dumb as heck for getting so into it.

Layton is great.
Davis is great.
In the end they are both schools.

Peace out Girl-Scout!

Love You!

Write another "You've Been Quoted"

In the recent week I have been nagged...and nagged...and nagged....AND NAGGED to write on my blog on Sundays and more specifically write another "you've been quoted". If you don't know what a "You've Been Quoted" is then I suggest scrolling down to my earlier posts and reading em. As for writing blog posts on Sundays I have a reason for not.

As some people know I can only be on the computer for a hour on Sundays. The reason. One night I stayed up till 1 in the morning playing WoW. So now I can't be on past 11 on regular days and I only get an hour on Sundays because its Sunday and the whole "Oh you gotta take a rest from things and WoW isn't a Sunday activity'' and all the other stupid Sunday restrictions.

So for my hour on Sundays I usually get on WoW just to check stuff. See what the guild is doing, see if there is any mail, and maybe do some quests on an Alt.

ANYWAY...thats why I don't like to blog on Sundays. I usually keep the blogging to a Saturday morning. I probably would blog on Sundays IF I had the 6 am to 11 pm thing I have for every other day. But I don't, so I won't.

ANOTHER reason why I don't do a "You've Been Quoted" is because it's summer and I am just chillin and relaxin, and being lazy.

Don't worry, this blog will pick back up once school starts and I start doing things and actually try to memorize funny quotes that have been said. So for all of you people worrying about not seeing another "You've Been Quoted" there is one coming.

So onto some other stuff.

School starts in 2 weeks. Fun, stupid, exciting, and nerve racking.

Fun: I get to see all of my friends again and we get to have adventures at school, because school is one big adventure.
Stupid: I won't see all of my friends that are going to Lame Davis because I am going to Awesome Layton. Also all of the lame school work.
Exciting: Its high school. I have graduated Fairfield Jr. High and am now advancing to the Bigger Badder Layton High! New school, new adventures, new people, everything is new put the friends that I have now and that I love so dearly.

But all I can do it do my best.

In the end I think it will be more than worth it!

Peace Out Girl-Scout!

Love You!

SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! but not Ricecrispys (Part 3: The Hospital)

Where: Davis County Hospital
When: Same
Setting: The E.R

Well after me crying my eyes out in the car we walk into the E.R and the lady behind the desk get WIDE EYED at the sight of my Z zarm. Well she tells me to sit in a wheelchair so they can take me to the operating room...Oh right I can't walk 50 feet cause my arm is broken! I walked from the parking lot to here! It ain't like my leg is a Z shape!

Well I'm sitting in the room and 1 doctor becomes 2...then 4...then 8 and then it seemed like the whole room just filled up with doctors all moving at 1000 MPH and my mom standing in the corner worried as ever.

Before I know it I have needle poking in me EVERYWHERE! I couldn't feel them because of my arm so that was good...but I still don't like needles.

Well since my Zarm didn't lay flat on the bed they propped it up on a tissue box so half of it was on bed and the other half on the tissue box. Let me tell you that was UNCOMFORTABLE! So I take my arm off and lay it on the bed. Well a nurse comes over and notices my arm isn't on the box and gets...mad is the easiest way to explain it, and asks who took my arm of. She turned to the nurse next to her and goes "Did you take his arm off the box? Do not do that". This was funny...and I needed all the enjoyment I could get, so when she put my arm back on the box and turned away I took it off. Again she gets mad and starts telling people to stop taking my arm off the box. She puts it back on and again I take it off...sadly she noticed and scolded me to keep my arm on the box.

I hate that box.

Well the next thing I can remember was someone asking me what color I wanted and I said red because that is my favorite color. Right after that I notice THE doctor has a HUGE needle in his hands with white crap in it.

My thoughts "Why does he have a bunch of Malk in there...wait...why is he putting a bunch of Malk in me...he-" and just like that I was out like a light.

So while I was asleep they put my fingers in these Chinese finger trap things (I do remember them starting to put them on) and they put a weight on my arm and had to re-break my arm into place.

From there the wrapped it up and went on their merry way.

A couple hours later I wake up and the room is empty...thank goodness...except for my dad.

I thought that I would have to stay the night so I wasn't to happy but my dad told me I could go home.

The last thing I remember is telling my dad my side of the story.

There are a couple things you should remember about this story.

When you don't know how you did something you shouldn't really try to duplicate it.
The outside duty is always WRONG!
Don't show your principal if you have Z shaped arm.
Rando men are the bane of every relaxing moment.
You aren't scared until you SEE the hospital.
Having a broken arm magically makes it so you can't walk.
Doctors multiply.
Don't trust the box.
Chinese finger traps can be used to re-break an arm.
And finally...LOVE THE MALK! Ees good for you.

SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! but not Ricecrispys! (The Office Part 2)

Where: Same
When: Same
Setting: School Office

So in Elementary the LAST place you wanna go for ANY reason is the office because you KNOW your in SOME sort of trouble, well even with a broken arm that was the last place I wanted to go!

Our principal was a FREAK!!! We were a school that taught Spanish as a subject because that was our extra special Preparatory class and all so the principal, no matter what setting or where we were, would walk in and make the "I love you sign" and shout "HOLA BABIES!!!"!

Lets just say a majority of the school wanted her out of that place (luckily that was the only year she was principal)

So when I get into the office with my Z shaped arm the freaky lady started to FREAK out! I thought she was gunna pass out she was so panicked.

They lay me down on a bed thing and the secretary reception lady just turns to me and says "how ya feeling"

"FINE AND DANDY! LET ME TELL YA! You know you guys can just give me a glass of juice and I'll be on my way"

Well I really didn't answer, I just closed my eyes and waited.


1. I can't really relax with a freak in my face and 2. where in the world would I go with a broken arm?

I just wanted to get away from the world...well that place.

The outside duty is explaining what happened and she explained it ALL WRONG! She said I was doing some dancing move and I went to twist on my arm but it didn't twist when my body did...HELLO!!! IT WAS KARATE! This wasn't some stupid dancing accident! This was a battle scar for the epic ninja warrior I am! (that just so happened to mess up).

Well where there is 1 freak another freak is soon behind!

Some rando man walks into the office area and looks at me and what does he do...take a guess...come on... You know that I know that you know...HE FREAKS OUT!

Well he asks what the deal is and rushes to me.

"OK OK just calm down and relax"

"oh thanks mister! I was calm and relaxed until you walked in" I didn't actually say that

"OK think of things you you like firetrucks?"

"Oh thanks mister! I grew out of that stage years ago" again didn't say that

"Do you like cookies"

I say yes just to get the guy to shut up but what does he do?


Holy heck!!! Go away!!!

"There is chocolate chip, snicker doodle, peanut butter, sugar cookies"


While that guy rambles on I ignore the world around me and just shut my eyes.

Well that didn't last long because my mom walks in and....FREAKS!

I guess anyone would freak when they see there most favorite child has an arm in the shape of a Z...but I was tired of people freakin out!

So she rushes me to the hospital, I'm kinda in a crappy mood, and low and behold I see the hospital and what do I do...FREAK!

I had never been to the E.R before and I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was there was going to be needles and though I can handle em the thought of em is just horrible.




SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! but not Ricecrispys! (Recess: Part 1)

Whether I have written about this or not (which I don't think I have) this is by far my favorite story to tell. It will be split into 3 parts cause its SOOO long.

Where: NDPA
When: Sometime in November of 4th grade
Setting: Recess

"Hey Jason watch this"

Those words are what started a seemingly harmless and I guess you could call it that. Karate!

I look over and Mason G. does some goofy flip that he probably has never done and didn't even think about what he was doing.

Oh it was on!

I walk over to him and I do my flip that I have never done before and didn't even think about what I was doing. WHAT SON! Mine was cooler, naturally.

After those two flips we had some people interested in what we were doing and Javier comes up do me and says "DUDE that was so cool! You did something kinda like this *lame attempt to do what I did in slow motion* It was awesome" I think about these words and say "I'll do it again" I step into the middle of the field and a small group forms around me. Without hesitation I jump and twist in what I had in mind would be the coolest Karate flip EVER! But what came next was unexpected.

You know those moments when you know something bad is going to happen and the whole world slows down and you can see everything WAY more vivid than you want to. Well that's what happened.

I feel like I am hardly moving. There was a small group of girls around me and everything was black. Then I seem to freeze and I am looking at McCall. I can see pretty much every detail about her (though I can't remember). I go into total blackness and move inches. Suddenly I am looking at another girl (which I forgot what girl) and again I can see everything in amazing detail. Again the black overwhelms me and I rotate a little more. Next thing I see is Dusty Taylor and again in amazing detail. The thing I remember about Dusty was her "OH ****" Face and at that point I knew this wasn't going to end well. Again black, again rotate, and again light. McKenna Watts. Oh Mckenna Watts. EVERY guy (me included) had a crush on her. It was the simple fact that she was WAY nice to everyone and she was WAY beautiful. She had kinda a blank look and she was wearing a white top with khaki Capri's (we had a dress code at this school). Those brief milliseconds in real time seemed to last minutes in my Slow Motion time.

Sadly the blackness consumes me once again.

At this point I realize that the next thing I see wont be very good, and it wasn't. I can see one last thing and that is my arm fully extended to the ground and me falling towards it. My last bit of blackness and...

SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! but it wasn't Ricecrispys...'t'was my left forearm.

The snap was SO loud it seemed like someone fired a gun.

At that point I think "OH CRAP. This is gunna hurt".

Once I regain somewhat conciseness I get hit with the worst wave of pain my little chubby 4th grade body has ever had!

All the girls have sick horde faces on and I look down and see that my arm is in a total Z shape! Z! Not I like normal or L like when it is normally bent but a Z!!!

My thought was "AHHH I DISLOCATED IT!"...but you can't dislocate something in the middle of your forearm. But me being the dumb little kid I was tried pushing on it...BAD BAD BAD IDEA! Ya that hurt!

I run to the outside duty...well as good of a run I could was kinda slow and all over the place, but when I reach her she looked as if she had just seen a ghost! Ya my arm was bad!

"Let me run you to the office!


Well with not having written a single post for some time and not having the ability to play WoW how I like it, because the defaults are extremely stupid, I decided to write a post.

I used to write a post about once a week but with summer in the happening I have become really lazy and don't have a drive to do anything...thus not having a drive to write any posts...also because I haven't been doing anything there is nothing to write about. But I finally got off my lazy butt and did something as of recent.

First on the agenda. Jake K. got his drivers license and we now have the ability to go places. Woo fun. The thing is I feel like I'm mooching whenever we are driving around...I would much rather drive. Gas ain't the cheapest thing in the world. Big fun, we love it, next subject.

3rd/4th/5th of July was last earlier his week and ya gotta love the 4th. As you all know the 4th was on a Sunday and we as Mormons have the thing where we keep the Sabbath day holy. So in retrospect we didn't have the big events on the 4th...which was neat. On the 3rd (Saturday) Kaysville did all of their jazz and half the nation went to that. 4th came around and people, I assume, did their family stuff. 5th came around and Layton did all of their jazz. It's awesome having the ability to go to the Layton and Kaysville stuff with ease (though I didn't go to anything Kaysville or the Layton parade...but I know of people who went to everything).

So on the 6th (which is now Tuesday) I realized we didn't light off our fireworks that we bought. So me being who I am got em out and lit em along with Jake, Nate, and Tyler, with Kandis watching. Well seeing that we are teenage boys with a box of fireworks we can do some, as most would say, stupid stuff...we call it fun stuff. Why sit back and watch a firework when you can hold it? Why stand yards away when you can jump through it? Why spray the fireworks when you are done when you can spray each other? You people don't know how to have fun!

The 7th (Wednesday). Well with the 7th coming around and Tyler's parents and sibling being gone me and Tyler not only had his house empty but mine as well with my family all at work. Can you say "Perfect opportunity to do something as none fun people would say 'stupid'"? Oh yes it was. As you have all heard of the fun thing where you get a gallon of Malk and drink it in under an hour and upon doing that, if you even do, you have to hold it down for another hour. That which is called "THE GALLON CHALLENGE!!!". OK so we didn't do the actual gallon challenge...more "THE 2 LITERS OF WATER CHALLENGE". We called it a training run. The goal for Tyler was to finish the whole thing in under 20 minutes...he did it in under 10. The goal for me was to at least finish it and I did it in 25 minutes...I can't drink big amounts of water. I would go into more detail but I will have the videos posted shortly.

The 8th (Thursday aka Yesterday). Well with nothing planned I watched a bunch of T.V yesterday until about 7 o'clock when I got invited by Amy to go swimming at her house. Fun (NO sarcasm). I love to swim. I probably have mentioned that somewhere on this blog. I have also mentioned me and Amy had a treading contest a while back. Well we had another. This time we went for OVER A HOUR!!! I got there at 8:15, we started about 8:30 and went to 9:50 when at that point I thought to myself "MOTHER EFF HOW IS SHE STILL GOING!?". We were both out of breath and about to die when I was like "this ain't worth it anymore and I'm going to end it before we both die". So I did. Well that took all the energy out of us and when we climbed out of the pool and lied down we both blacked out for a brief moment. Now I am a skinny kid and my mom says I don't eat enough so I have no extra energy built up to feed off of when I do something like that, so once I burnt through my initial energy supply I was eating myself away to get more energy...not the best idea ever...and it took me a while before I could stand up and walk...a long while...over 20 minutes. But now I know if I ever need to tread water for a hour in a life or death situation I can...that's about the only good that came outta that.

So that has been my week that I finally do something. Every other week I have been Lazy.

Peace out Girl-Scout!

Love you!

Acidic Chlorine!

Well I came to St. George with Tyler's family and its nice and fun and all but the thing that is just HORRIBLE and makes me want to rip my hair out is the pool.

I love to swim! Its relaxing and I can tread water for over 30 min. so naturally I would want to spend a lot of time at the pool. Well I do...there is just one little problem. THE CHLORINE! Now normally chlorine doesn't really bother me, but this isn't normal chlorine. It stings and burns and if you get the tiniest drop of water up your nose, in your mouth, or in your eye you are screaming for the rest of the day! We think they put acid in the chlorine. So while everyone runs down to go to the pool I am hesitant because I hate the chlorine.

So I am passing the time in whatever way possible while they all destroy themselves in the pool of acid...which isn't the top of the totem pole of fun.

The greatest T.V station we have at the condo is G4. For those of you who don't know that G4 is a T.V station it's kinda better you don't unless you like shows about video games and the Japanese version of Wipe Out with a whole lotta Cops episodes in between. Now that's my kind of channel!

So whenever we are in the condo chilling G4 is always complaints there, but when you are the only one here and you don't care for the video games they are talking about its kinda boring...BUT I AM NOT GOING TO THAT POOL!

The first night here my and Tyler were laying out on the patio and we decided to call some girls at 11:30 at night. Reasonably no one answered so we left a lot of voice mails and made the game voice mail tag. The purpose is not to try and call the person but to leave a voice mail and say something funny. It's a fun thing to do at 11:30 at night and all of the cute girls are asleep.

So we have been leaving a bunch of voice mails to cute girls, but they aren't leaving any back.

Speaking of calling girls TYLER was talking to Lyssa for FOREVER last night. It started out as ''hey lets call a bunch of girls again" and ended as "hey Nate this is taking forever so lets go watch G4 while Tyler talks for another 1/2 hour before finally ending a call that wasn't suppose to last very long". Now I would have been talking to girls on my phone but I had a block on my phone that makes it so I can't talk or text after 11...which makes the nights here really boring when Tyler is talking for a hour and a lame episode of Cops is on.

Oh well tonight will be cooler.

All and all its been fun here in St. George with Tyler and Nate...if only we had cute girls we can have Nate find some vacationing babes that he can SNOG with while me and Tyler call some people, its a win win win situation!

Peace out Girl-Scout!

Love you!


I honestly have no clue what to talk about...and its time for an update.

Nothing happened this week.

OK well things did happen but nothing that is HUGE and I could write a neat post about. The biggest thing was White and Nerd Rage

That is the video me and Tyler made.

We were just sitting there and he said "Lets film the white and nerdy video" so we just get up grab my camera and go. All in all it took around 4 hours of not knowing what to do and losing our first edit due to my computer freezing. In the end it turned out pretty well besides the fact we didn't want to finish the song completely and the "bloopers" are longer than the actual video, but its good for the first time ever doing something like that.

I bet with a plan, time, dedication, willing people, time, plans, ideas, time, places, and time I could make a pretty epic movie! I say I because generally I am going to film/produce/direct/edit and put the most TIME into the video.

I am split between making fan made music videos (which is easy it just can take a while especially to edit) or write out a script of sorts and just come up with a funny idea for something (which coming up with the idea and making a cool script is the hard part). So that's what I gotta think of doing. I already have 1 music video under my belt, next I will probably try a scripted thing to compare.


Peace out Girl-Scout!

Love You!

You've Been Quoted 3

You know the rules. No space between em they go together, space between they are separate. No specific order! (A lot of these ya had to be there)


"All Marriages have their rough patches...ours just started really soon" Me

"For a guy who can't even date you sure move fast" Dad


"Wait I thought you were Catholic?" Nate
"I am" Courtney
"What spirit are you getting? The spirit of the Devil?" Nate
"OH NATE! NOOO! That was low man" Me

"Dude that key hurt" Me
"Even if I didn't use a key I still would have used my nail" Tyler


"Guys I just peed in my undies!" Tyler D.


"Where were you?" Corry C.
"I fell asleep in the Griffin's car" Me
"How long were you in there" Corry C.
"I don't know...I went in there right after breakfast" Me
"You were asleep for TWO hours!" Sister Smed
"Wow...where is everyone else?" Me
"They went on a hike. Funny how no one noticed you were gone" Corry C.

"Eh I don't feel like going to Church" Me
"We go to get in the mood" Mom
"uuuhhh..." Me
"NOT LIKE THAT! To get in the mood to go to Church. I'm telling your dad!" Mom

"You don't know what snuck out is?" Paige
"I thought you said sucked out" Me

"See, James gets me" Me

"My life story 'Tyler you're awesome...but Nate is SOO hot!'" Tyler

"While you're down there..." Jake

"Good huss?" Tyler
"No" Me
"Ten bucks for Lyssa?" Tyler
"Nope. Only Carley" Me
"But I/You won't see her until school starts" Both

"I was laying in bed thinking 'I miss Tyler...and Jason'" Lyssa
"See I only heard 'I miss Tyler'" Tyler
"No! I said Jason too" Lyssa
"No I heard only Tyler too" Me
"Well I said you" Lyssa
"Ya you said him as an after thought" Tyler

"Dude Zelda is like 1,000 times better than WoW" Lyssa

"In one year I get to date" Lyssa
"Oh so you look at Jason when you say that?" Tyler
"WOO! See being an after thought pays off!!!" Me

"Would you go on a double date with me if Nate came?" Tyler
"No...but if Jason or James was there I would" Lyssa
"WOO! Being an after thought RULES!" Me

"I am like Double her mass and Double her height" Tyler D.
"Well...Double her mass ya" Me

"So when he gets back from his mission I will be 18!" Lyssa

"Do you know where I live" Me
"Nope...Darn I guess I can't come" Paige (still don't get why that's a reason...)

"Is her last name Squeegee?" Dad

"Tyler spilled a huge glob of frosting on the floor" Me
"Ya it looks like my diarrhea" Tyler D

"Being the only girl rocks!" Lyssa

"How do you know Tyler" Lyssa
"He is my cousin" Tyler D's cousin
"I see the resemblance" Lyssa
"REALLY? I don't" Tyler D's cousin
"He is Mexican and I am white" Tyler D

"Ahhh stupid red bar" Me

"We took a vote and accept Amy into the family" Dad

"IDK...I didn't even do it and I still got 50%. So I got an A in that class" Me
"I did it and I got a B in there" Tyler D.
(It was a 400 point assignment)

"How much was the camera" Tyler D.
"$350" Me


Youth Conference...what can I say about it.

If you said "Jason describe YC in 1 word" I would say "SUCKED!"! In 2 I would say "Sucked Massive" or "Really Sucked" and in 3 I would say "Really Sucked Massive".

Those are days of my life I am NEVER getting back! I could have been doing something fun with my friends but nooooo, I had to get rained on!

That is all I have to say about YC.

Onto something else.

I always wonder "how many people ACTUALLY read my blog". Sure I have those 6 (it was 7 but someone stopped following me =/ ) Followers but I think more people other than my parents read this. So I am doing a "Head Count" of all the people that read my blog.

If you wouldn't mind helping my I would enjoy if you left a comment on this post. You can say anything from "Jason you are sooo hot and I so wanna date you" to "Jason you fail and don't deserve to live so I hope ninja assassins destroy you". You can leave your name or anything. Please 1 comment per person so I can have an accurate count. You can also be extremely DUMB and not comment because I know there are going to be people like that.

It is easy to comment. Just hit "leave a comment" or whatever button it is, a screen pops up, type your comment, hit anonymous person or whatever button falls under your liking, and then type in the secret message thingy that they give you and bada bing bada boom!

This is just so I know how many people I am writing to and if I should continue this blog.


Peace out Girl-Scout!

Love you!

Goodbye Fairfield

As of Friday at about 1 pm I officially left Fairfield and became a Layton Lancer!...odd.

My feelings? It feels like I am in one long weird dream and not much has sunken in yet. Oh how I fear that moment when everything hits me like a ton of bricks that fell out of a cargo plane.

I guess what I hate about going to Layton is that a lot of my friends are going to Davis and I might not ever see them again. Then again most of the friends I was really close to are going to Layton so its not that bad. Plus I will make a lot of new friends so that's cool.

My time at Fairfield was...well it was all over the place. Highs, lows, and everything in between. I learned a lot, not just school wise but social and all that good ol' stuff. Sure I will miss the good times but I am happy to rid myself of all the bad. High school is another fresh start in a person's life...I wonder how many I will get.

Nothing is changing. I have all my peeps, well most, but I have my peeps, I am going to end up sitting in more class rooms, and the walk from class to class will be longer. Nothing is changing.

For people who dwell on the bad and think high school is all different and you can't handle I say to you "put on your big kid pants and suck it up". NOTHING is going to be bad! Sure you might have a crappy date because your 16 and can date now, or you might not like a new teacher, but It's just school and all of that is going to even happened at Fairfield (not the crappy dates).

I see only good from this. DRIVING! FREEDOM OF DRIVING! DATING! How could this NOT be awesome?!?! This is where the best times of your life are going to be! This is where life starts because Jr. High was a trial run. This is where you can take life by the wheel and direct it where ever you (pardon the language please) DAMN please! This is going to be freakin amazing and don't think otherwise!